K6NR US-Tower TX-455 Installation

August & September, 2002

Installing a tower is old hat to many amateur radio operators, but not to me - other than the tower my Dad had for a few years when I was first licensed, I had not had one up during my 30+ year ham "career."   In 2002 I was able to purchase a US Tower TX-455 and get it installed - not on my 1/8 acre lot in suburban Irvine, California, but on the 2.25 acre lot in the California high desert where I had assembled a remote station.

As a life-time first, I took lots of pictures - the result is this web site.  Perhaps other tower-deprived hams such as myself will enjoy it.
Dana, K6NR, December 28, 2002

Part 1 - Digging the Hole
Part 2 - The Foundation

Part 3 - Tower Install

Part 4 - Installing the C3 Yagi

all done
All Done

Notes on the Building Permit Process